Scope: Architecture
Typology: Hospitality / Commercial
Location: Antalya, TR
Year: 2014
Status: Built
Size: 100.000 m²
Office: Baraka Architects
Role: Designer

Max Royal Kemer Resort

The hotel has 291 rooms in total: 133 suites of 100 square meters in the main building, 84 family suites of 185 square meters on the slopes, 59 laguna villas of 150, 250 and 310 square meters on the beach and 15 beach villas of 250, 350 and 450 square meters. There are 6 à la carte restaurants and 4 bars The Laguna villas arranged as townhouses are positioned on this rather bare, wide and flat zone that bears the traces of the former construction and extends between the long beach and the vegetated area crawling into the beach.

Based on the scenario that the townhouse typology will be designed on a single direction and two directions, the distance between the buildings have been defined by using walls as structural elements.  The spaces defined by these walls have been analyzed in detail according to their public, semi private and private usage.

The basic design motivation is built upon various aspects like the intensity and the arrangement of the wall elements, irregular extension of these walls into the pool, the way spaces between the buildings are hidden and not visible, and the way they leave the construction without any reference. Water is another element which penetrates, reflects and accentuates the building. The unity between water and the walls that define the spatial setup is the main element establishing this timeless feeling.

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