Scope: Architecture / Interior
Typology: Culture / Commercial
Location: Kocaeli, TR
Year: 2016
Status: Built
Size: 15.000 m²
Office: Ozer & Urger Architects
Role: Project Architect / Designer

Kocaeli Mannesman Convention Center

Project accepts the existing structure and shell as cultural heritage. Spaces have developed detached from the shell and other volumes. Existing structure is visible thanks to mezzanine floors in varying levels. Volumes can be adapted to different functions and number of users and different programs can be applied. In addition to all of this, the building has a transparent, transparent façade that strips away the familiar, outward, massive mass of the factory buildings and invites users to experience the space and experience the space.

The facades have renovated by removing different construction elements have added during the years. Brick has chosen as it is the material that shows best the character of the building and where the building opens to exterior, transparent and permeable materials have decided to be used.

Conference Hall
The openings in the building allows to design a conference hall for 1500-2000 people. And there are no spaces for the backstage areas in the basement floor. Therefore the conference area located in the northwest mass where the stage would be on the road side. By this way stage is buried the road side which is 2.5 m lower and the transparency of the building has kept. The mass in the southwest has developed as the foyer

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